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Six-Pack Ab Wheel

Six-Pack Ab Wheel

Six-Pack Ab Wheel

Six-Pack Ab Wheel

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Six Pack Abs At Home


✔️ Build That Perfect 6 Pack
✔️ Easy To Use
✔️ Increase Core Strength
✔️ Recommended By Personal Trainers
✔️ Can Be Used Anywhere

Ab wheels are an incredible tool when you are looking to build your core and abs, they are arguably one of the most challenging movements to perform and therefore get the best results. Since they can literally be used anywhere, it is common for people to take it with them to the gym or to do a quick 5 minute session when they have the spare time. It brings convenience and highly challenging workouts to one space. 

The great thing about the ab wheel is there is you don't have to start off trying to do a completely extended walkout, you can simply start on your knees and build up to the more challenging movements. They are great to do along side plank, sit ups and other forms of crunches as they require core stability rather than complete power, this works the abdominals in a slightly different way to your regular crunch therefore when combined in the same workout it can lead to the most complete 6 pack.

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Is It Easy To Use?

The Six-Pack Ab Wheel is very easy to use, it requires a little bit of balance and some core strength so we would advise starting off slowly and on your knees before moving on to any advanced stuff!

Is Using The Ab Wheel Better Than Crunches?

Both exercises are very effective when it comes to building your abs, however the ab wheel is more similar to the plank rather than a crunch. It is designed to bring your whole core into action as you roll out but will still be effective in building strong, impressive abs. To get a little more technical - As you raise your torso during the crunch, the rectus abdominis contracts and greatly shortens to lessen the distance between your ribs and hips. With the ab wheel, your rectus abdominis performs an isometric, static, contraction throughout the exercise.

Does it only work your abs?

No! The Ab Wheel is designed to be more of a whole body movement as it brings the lats, deltoids, triceps and core into action during one roll out, even though it is great for building your abs and core it also provides benefits to other areas.

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